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boston_t_party's Journal

the Boston Tea Party
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200+ years ago, people congressed to discuss their options in protecting themselves from unfair actions by their gov't and King. Abandoned by their governor and with out any other options left, under the watchful eye and threat of military soldiers, they banded together and took calculated and constructive action. They did not set out to mindlessly destroy but were very specific and were very careful to not destroy anything that was not the specific target, going so far as to replace a pad lock accidentaly broken during the act. The response of their gov't was harsh, but instead of being frightened into submission, people all over the new territories were inspired to take actions themselves. The spirit grew and so did peoples individual strenght to stand up for themselves against tyrrany. This was the begining of the revolution and the begining of America.

Its about taking responsability for your lives and your country. To be a part of it instead of its victim. Its about making informed decisions. Its about not letting this be a dictatorship and the country still belonging to those who have the guts to claim it. It is us and we are it. There is no gov't without its people.