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Abu Gharib - Revisited (Cross-Posted)

I know the Abu Gharib prisoner abuse scandal has came and went out of the public conciousness already. Old news - therefore, not worth talking about. That's the insidious effect of our hit and run media and short attention spans: we accept everything at face value without critically examining it, then as soon as the networks give us the next new thing, we completly forget about the old news. Of course, it's best not to hold the lies that we're fed up to scrutiny for too long, lest the "official story" falls apart.

Thus, I will state very simply and clearly, the point of this journal entry and the one made previously, here. That is:

The public was led to believe, and they still want us to believe, that these very, very serious abuses at Abu Gharib were commited by a few lone idiot soldiers - rogue members of the Army, when IN FACT, these horrific abuses which violate the Geneva Convention are standard operating procedures for the CIA, and were in fact, given executive order to be carried out.

I have checked every news story I could find online about Abu Gharib. NONE of them, other than the MSNBC story I linked to, made any mention whatsoever of possible CIA involvement. Check for yourself. If you can find any story that even so much as suggests CIA involvement, especially from mainstream major news sources such as CNN, post a link to it in the comments.

If you want to know what the official party line is, I.E. the BALD FACED-LIES that they want us to believe, click the following links:


"May 1, 2004
The New Yorker magazine reports it has a copy of Maj.-Gen. Antonio Taguba's report, which is said to conclude that Iraqi prisoners were subjected to "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" at Abu Ghraib prison. It's the same prison where Saddam Hussein's regime tortured opponents.

May 5, 2004
U.S. President George W. Bush does interviews with two Arab satellite news channels – al-Arabiya and al-Hurra. He says the abuse of prisoners was "abhorrent" and "does not represent the America that I know." Bush is criticized for not offering an apology during the interviews.

May 6, 2004
Bush apologizes for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. He refuses to fire Donald Rumsfeld, saying he is "a really good defence secretary."

June 21, 2004
A U.S. military judge rules that the Abu Ghraib prison is a crime scene and must not be torn down, which U.S. President Bush had earlier offered to do.

May 10, 2004
U.S. President George W. Bush promises a "full accounting" of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers. He stands by his defence secretary, saying Rumsfeld was "doing a superb job."

May 11, 2004
U.S. army Maj.-Gen. Antonio Taguba, who first investigated allegations of prisoner abuse in an Iraqi prison, tells Congress the mistreatment resulted from faulty leadership, a "lack of discipline, no training whatsoever and no supervision'' of the troops. An Islamic militant website shows video of the beheading of a man identified as an American, claiming it was done in revenge for abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

Aug. 25, 2004
A Pentagon investigation concludes that the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib were the result of individual misconduct, a lack of discipline and a failure of leadership."

These assholes are LYING about this. Bush and Rumsfeld are lying through their teeth, right to our fucking faces. Not only that, but the coverup apparently goes all the way down the chain. How could every (supposedly unbiased, of course) commitee assigned to investigating this matter come to the same conclusion: that the abuses were commited by a few out-of-control individual soldiers? Why is the U.S. Army covering this up, and throwing it's collective ass under the bus, and it's own rank and file to the wolves, all for the benefit of the CIA? If these obvious KANGAROO COURTS are the kind of "investigations" conducted in our so-called democracy, what faith can we have in the veracity of investigations into other matters such as 9/11? They are PROVEN LIARS, not only liars, but with the corruption of the Abu Gharib investigations - conspirators. Which directly begs the question: what else are they/have they lied to us about in the past?

WAKE THE FUCK UP! Don't read this then just shrug your shoulders and say, "well yeah, they do it all the time." YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT. If we live in any kind of REAL DEMOCRACY, this ONE THING (nevermind all the questions about 9/11!) is enough to raise SERIOUS QUESTIONS about the administration. In an actual, functioning democracy, information like this would be the end of a politician's career. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, THIS FUCKING LIAR. This isn't sticking a cigar in some intern's TWAT, THIS IS A FUCKING CONSPIRACY TO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND COVER UP THE FACTS about violations of the Geneva Convention including rape, torture, and murder - more than likely with the President's knowledge, and order.

Say something! Even if it's criticism - but add to this dialouge... tell someone else about it. Search for more facts. Post it to internet boards, whatever - just raise consciousness! Get the fucking Bush Junta out of the White House NOW. And even more than that, demand the DISCLOSURE OF PRACTICES, and the DISBANDING of the CIA which is NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE to the laws of any government on the planet, and which has proven time and time again through it's treasonous activities, that it acts against the interests of the American people, and in fact, the entire world.
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